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Tucson's Premier Mushroom Farm, Desert Pearl Mushrooms, Accelerates Production with Semillas

John and Kris from Desert Pearl Mushrooms were able to purchase 24 tons of material for their indoor agriculture mushroom farm.

As Desert Pearl Mushrooms puts it, mushrooms come in all sorts of flavors, colors, shapes and sizes, why limit yourself to basic button mushrooms? This indoor agriculture mushroom farm specializes in producing tree-borne mushroom species that you would normally find in the forest or eastern states in the US all carefully cultivated and grown in Tucson, AZ.

Desert Pearl Mushrooms offers a long list of mushrooms: Oyster varieties like Pearl, Blue, King Blue, Black-King, Gold, and Pink oyster mushrooms; Hericium varieties like Lion's Mane and Coral Tooth; and other specialty mushrooms like Shiitake, Chestnut mushrooms, Golden Enoki, Pioppino, and more. Along with a variety of culinary mushrooms, Desert Pearl Mushrooms also produces a selection of medicinal mushrooms in-house that are stock-full of nutrients and healing properties. Thanks to Semillas, Desert Pearl Mushrooms was able to purchase 24 tons of materials for their small business, a purchase they would eventually have to make down the road but were able to cut costs by 50% because of the loan's lower interest rate and fast turn-around time. Learn more about Semillas here:


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