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Greenhouse Gas
Reduction Fund

The GGRF, a $27 billion national investment in clean energy, offers low-interest debt capital through initiatives like NCIF and CCIA to fund projects reducing carbon emissions.

Priority Projects include

  • Clean Energy Generation and Storage

  • Net Zero Buildings

  • Clean Transportation

  • Additionally, eligible clean water projects in Arizona may benefit. Starting April 2024, a national call for eligible projects will occur. To ensure fair representation for Arizona, we must gather info on projects in advanced planning stages (ready to begin construction in 6-24 months).

  • Though not grants, these funds provide developers and project leads access to low-cost, flexible capital, reducing overall construction expenses. Projects may also qualify for tax credits and direct payment for nonprofits and municipal organizations.

Clean Energy Generation & Storage

  • Solar photovoltaic panels

  • Energy Storage (batteries)

  • Solar plus Storage

  • Wind turbines

  • Geothermal

  • Hydropower

  • Microgrids

Net-Zero Buildings

  • Appliance electrification

  • Energy efficiency

  • Indoor air quality improvements

  • Replacement of backup diesel generators

Clean Transportation

  • Electric charging Infrastructure

  • Small business fleet electrification

  • Public and multi-use charging depots

Clean Water 

  • Green Stormwater infrastructure

  • Energy conservation

  • Surface water protection

  • Water conservation

  • "Nature-based Solutions"

IRS Increased Clean Energy Tax Credits (up to 60%)

IRS Direct Pay
for Nonprofits & Municipals

IRS Credit

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