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Equity. Sustainability. Innovation.

We believe that Arizona has untapped potential to be a national leader in smart economic growth. Smart growth ensures that all communities have equitable access to opportunity. 

Smart growth does not put short-term gains ahead of long-term sustainability.

Smart growth spurs new ideas, attracts visionary talent, and fosters innovative solutions to our community's biggest challenges.  Groundswell Capital was created to drive capital deployment into the sectors and communities at the forefront of smart growth in Arizona.


Our Vision & Mission

Groundswell Capital envisions a future where communities flourish as beacons of equity, sustainability, and innovation. We strive to become a catalyst for transformative change, nurturing a world where communities thrive without barriers, sustainable practices are the norm, and innovation fuels prosperity. Our vision is to create lasting impact, fostering a society where economic growth harmonizes with social and environmental well-being.  We commit to being at the forefront of pioneering financial solutions, building resilient and prosperous communities that stand as models for generations to come.

Groundswell Capital's mission is to empower communities through innovative financial solutions that advance equity, sustainability, and innovation. We remove barriers for underrepresented communities, promote sustainability, and drive investments in workforce development and technology. As an Arizona-based nonprofit, we provide patient capital, leveraging innovation to catalyze positive change and build thriving communities.


Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Additional Contributors

In addition to our staff, we work with organizational partners
who are vital to our success.

Franky Villegas

Francisca Villegas

Narda Flores

Narda Flores

Gisselle Coronado

Gisselle Coronado

Our Partners

Our Partners

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Inclusive Prosperity Capital

Board of Directors

Loan Committee

Our Loan Committee

Interested in Joining? Reach out!

Our program includes two loan committees that assist in making loan decisions.

We intentionally recruit loan committee members with a diversity of backgrounds including finance, legal, organizational development/hr, marketing, technology, small business coaches, and small business owners.  50% of our loan committee members are bilingual and 53% are BIPOC individuals. 60% are women. 60% are entrepreneurs themselves.


Loan Committee members review applications, make recommendations for advancement, join Round Tables to meet small businesses directly, then include suggestions for technical assistance and support for the business. Loan Committee Members are all trained in our underwriting criteria and are well aligned with the mission of the organization.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Fifty Mission Capital

Business Banking Area Manager at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Bilingual Business Banker at OneAZ Credit Union

Bilingual Community Resource Navigator for Chicanos Por La Causa 

Director of Tucson Business Development, Local First AZ

Bilingual Public Defender

Real Estate and Small Business Attorney 

Bilingual Small Business Coach 

Bilingual Small Business Coach 

Bilingual Small Business Coach 

Experienced Micro Loan Officer

Co-founder of LeadLocal, a grassroots think, learn & do tank

President and Founder for Talent Acquisition and Organizational Growth Consultancy

Small Business Owner

Small Business Coach

Co-founder & CEO PackDash

Community Outreach & Development Manager at Educational Enrichment Foundation

Economic Development Specialist for the Town of Sahuarita

Business Development Officer at Prestamos CDFI

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