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PITCH BLACK Applications are now LIVE!

Black-owned businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives in Tucson are encouraged to apply for a non-restrictive grant to propel their initiatives forward.

Applications for PITCH BLACK are open now. PITCH BLACK is an outreach initiative for Black business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives in Tucson that are committed to creating social change and economic equality for capital investments.

This initiative provides Black professionals who influence their community an opportunity to use their platform to powerfully communicate their story.

PITCH BLACK will provide leadership connections statewide in business and philanthropic industries who can support them in achieving their goals. 
PITCH BLACK in partnership with Groundswell Capital will also provide
non-restrictive grants to assist selected participants.

A team of partners, business leaders and community representatives 
will score the applications and select 10 finalists for the PITCH BLACK stage on the following 6 criteria:

Potential — Approach to solving a problem through innovative thinking

Highlight —The idea is inspirational and motivational

Focus — Scope of the problem and how it is being addressed

Clarity —Presents “the why” clearly and articulates the solution

Community — Positive impact and influence locally

Measurement — Metrics are being used to assess long-term outcomes

PITCH BLACK Prizes Include:

  • FIRST PLACE WINNERS (4) — $5,000 each

  • RUNNER-UPS (2) — $1,000 each

Important Dates:

  • March 11 - Applications Open

  • April 12 - Application Deadline

  • April 22 - PITCH BLACK Finalists Selected

  • May 3 - Finalists Pitch Deck Due

  • May 15 - PITCH BLACK!

For more information, eligibility requirements, and the PITCH BLACK application, please visit:


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