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Investing in a more resilient and equitable Arizona.

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SEMILLAS_Groundswell Capital

Semillas is a brand new micro-loan fund that works

at the speed of business.​


Up to $15,000 at a 2.95% interest rate

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Our Work

We empower thriving communities by providing affordable, flexible funding.

We focus on filling gaps that have 
traditionally been underfunded in Arizona.

Our impact areas are economic justice and climate resilience, which are interconnected. 

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Small Business Owner

Grassroots Growth

Small businesses are the heart of our community and the engine in our economy.

Groundswell Capital offers small businesses growth funding, grants, and wrap around support to create lasting change.

Clean Communities

Arizona has the opportunity to be a leader in the clean energy transformation.

Through our Green Bank, our goal is to ensure all communities in Arizona have the resources they need to make smart investments in climate resilience. 

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Installing Solar Panels

Resilient Workforce

The challenges of the future require investments into the workforce of today.

Groundswell Capital is committed to supporting the innovators, builders, and visionaries for a 21st Century Workforce.


376 S Stone Ave
Tucson, Arizona 


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