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Pioneering Lending Opportunities for Tucson Small Businesses

The resources towards access to capital are growing, especially lending opportunities for small business owners in Tucson, AZ.

If you are a small business owner looking to get a loan but may not qualify for traditional lending, have no fear Groundswell Capital is here. Headquartered in the city with the most non-profits per capita, Groundswell Capital, Arizona's first Green Bank and financial non-profit is offering two lending opportunities to the table for Tucson small businesses: a new micro-loan program, Semillas, and a pioneering relationship-based loan program with no credit score or collateral required, AVANZA. Groundswell Capital's mission is to empower Arizona's cities and sectors through removing barriers for underrepresented communities, promoting sustainability, and driving investments in workforce development and technology. Through Groundswell Capital's latest lending programs, Semillas and AVANZA, the organization is providing knowledge, social, and financial capital to its small business owners of Tucson... leveraging innovation to catalyze positive change and build thriving communities.

Semillas means "seeds" because we know that in business sometimes even a little seed funding can help a business grow big results. This micro-loan fund provides small businesses in Tucson with fast funding at a very low interest rate. Total funding for this program is $500,000, so hop on the opportunity while it's still here! Eligibility: Be located in the City of Tucson (or the City of South Tucson), have a business bank account set up, and have received revenue for at least 12 months.

Loan Sizes: $2,500 - $15,000 Interest Rate: 2.95% Term: 3 years Credit Score and Collateral: None Estimated Time to Fund: Three Weeks

Applications for Semillas are now LIVE on our website

AVANZA Empowerment Fund The AVANZA Empowerment Fund is a pioneering, relationship-based lending program serving women, minority, and veteran-owned small businesses including perks like a promotional package, flexible repayment schedule, and full service application support. With the AVANZA Empowerment Fund, participants will learn from our executive coaching program throughout the life of the loan and meet other local small business owners who are ready to level up. If you are looking to build your roadmap for growth and financial success, develop one-to-one relationships with your mentor, and strategize for your future, AVANZA is for you.

Eligibility: Must be owned (at least 51%) by women, minority, or veteran small business owner, business must have at least 12 months of revenue, must be located in the Tucson Metro Area, and debt-to-income ratio must be within acceptable perimeters. Loan Sizes: $5,000 - $250,000 Loan Uses: Working capital, machinery and equipment, facade improvements, purchasing property, business acquisition

Interest Rates: Based on the Federal Funds rate plus 1% - 5% Fees: 2% origination fee, late payments without prior notification. The AVANZA Empowerment Fund application process takes about 1-2 months to complete, but we offer personalized support and templates to help you through it! Email for more info on Semillas, AVANZA, or our limited-time grant funding program, Changemakers!


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