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NALCAB Visits Groundswell Capital, Community Members, and Tucson's ALIADOS

The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB) touched down in the Old Pueblo from San Antonio, Texas to hear about the latest initiatives happening at Groundswell Capital, the Tucson IDA, and more.

TUCSON, AZ — Groundswell Capital had the pleasure of hosting The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB) this past month to share the impact of the $35,000 Wells Fargo grant supporting the financial inclusion and trauma-informed education project of ALIADOS. This event also celebrated Latino community empowerment with local NALCAB members at the AVANZA Empowerment Center.

NALCAB is a national membership organization representing over 200 nonprofits that serve diverse Latino communities in 46 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. NALCAB supports its members through training, funding, policy advocacy and resources to amplify the impact of their programs and services. NALCAB's focus is small business support, financial coaching, wealth-building, and equitable neighborhood developmentthemes at the forefront of Groundswell Capital's public projects.

Groundswell Capital received $35,000 in funding from NALCAB and Wells Fargo in September 2023 to further support financial inclusion and trauma-informed financial education work that is instrumental to the community, resulting in the creation of the ALIADOS program.

ALIADOS is a strong, trustable network of community leaders in Tucson driven to spread financial knowledge and resources to Latino small businesses and individuals. ALIADOS facilitate conversations about money throughout the community to inspire financial empowerment and address fears and misconceptions, fueling generational financial well-being.

Francisco Leon, a fellow ALIADO and owner of Leon Handyman Services, echoed his experience to his cohort of ALIADOS at their graduation ceremony: "This program has positively impacted small businesses by helping us overcome many barriers we oftentimes face, one of them being language. Now, we are empowered with confidence to manage our business and seize new opportunities. The knowledge we have gained here, we must give back to others", voiced Leon. Thanks to the support of NALCAB, Wells Fargo, and the tremendously significant collaboration with the City of Tucson's Small Business Program, Groundswell Capital provided basic and advanced Spanish-language trauma-informed financial education to its ALIADOS, upskilled the professional development of Groundswell Capital's employees in motivational interviewing, reached over 3,000 people through a digital educational marketing campaign, and thoughtfully connected with several Latino businesses in the city.

During the visit, NALCAB also held a round table with Mayor Regina Romero and hosted a "Cafecito" at the AVANZA Empowerment Center. NALCAB's Cafecito invited NALCAB's southwestern members to engage and ignite local public service organizations supporting the Latino community, including the YWCA, Raza Development Fund, Growth Partners AZ, CIC, KIVA, CPLC, Prima Vera Foundation, and Child & Family Resources. We look forward to welcoming NALCAB back next time!


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