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Mama Carey's Catering Cruises around town in New Food Truck

You can't miss the fabulous food truck without noticing Tisha's personal touch, a testament to her hard work and the support of our relationship-based lending program, AVANZA!

Mama Carey's Catering has evolved into a cherished tradition in Tucson. Beyond her infamous Catfish Tuesdays, Tisha Carey, a small business owner and traveling nurse with culinary talent, provides catering and food delivery services to the community.

Her menu is nothing short of extraordinary, and the quality of her food is so exceptional that even during her "slow" months, Mama Carey's customers keep her business bustling. There are tales of patrons driving across county lines just to savor a plate of her delectable offerings.

Up until now, Tisha has been utilizing shared restaurant space to craft her dishes. The AVANZA relationship lending program empowered Tisha to acquire a food truck, implement upgrades, and effectively market the next step in her successful venture.

As Tucson welcomes this fresh addition to our fleet of food trucks, we also take pride in supporting a small business on its journey to growth. Mama Carey's is not just a place to savor delicious meals; it's a story of passion, resilience, and the spirit of our community.

Connect with Mama Carey's Catering here:


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