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Groundswell Changemakers Seed Fund Grant Nurtures the Growth of New Ventures

These five startup businesses were awarded up to $5,000 in grant support to support their aspiring entrepreneurship.

Tucson, AZ — Startups bring fresh ideas and energy to a community, opening up new markets, and creating jobs. It takes a lot of courage, creativity, and perseverance to launch a new business. Tucson continues to be an incubator for great business concepts and these five awardees demonstrate the very innovation we are excited to be a part of. Here are our five Seed Fund Award Winners:

Casa Madre Restaurant: Have you ever had a Himalayan salt wall fine dining experience? If not, you are about to have your chance. First female Knife Fight Champion Executive Chef Dominique Stoller will use the Seed Fund award to open Casa Madre Restaurant at the Historic Five Points intersection. Get ready for a menu that beautifully mixes Eastern European, Latin, and Mediterranean flavors for an unforgettable dining experience.

Eco Lizard: Ready to ditch single-use takeout containers in Tucson? Eco Lizard has our back with a neat solution: reusable containers tracked by a snappy app. The $5,000 Groundswell Seed Award supports rolling out the Eco Lizard app, stocking up on containers, and hitting the streets with a zero-emission bike delivery. Eco Lizard is all about making zero-waste not just doable but downright easy, and fun.

Guirado's Auto: A newly established business, has swiftly earned a reputation for dependability, fair prices, quality service with a smile, and commitment to fix auto problems on the same day of service. The Seed Fund Grant is not just about business growth; it's about supporting who stand by each other. Guirado's Auto's mission extends beyond automotive services to lend a helping hand to Tucson's youth facing behavioral challenges and disabilities. By providing free basic training in auto mechanics accesible on weekends, young people are offered a positive alternative to drugs and negative influences, fostering a supportive community.

Palette Wellbeing: Imagine if you were scrolling through your phone’s app store and found an evidence-backed app to help you relax and reduce stress that was described as  “Bob Ross meets Peloton.” Immediate download, right? Palette is art therapy for the digital age, offering daily fun and creative artistic exercise prompts. We’re happy to present Palette Wellbeing with a Seed Fund Award and you should pull out your phone and download this Tucson’ businesses app now.

Xoco: Xoco offers a vibrant multicultural space where preschool-aged children (2 to 5 years old) immerse themselves in Spanish through engaging playgroups, celebrating bilingualism and reducing the resource gap for Spanish-speaking families striving to preserve their mother tongue. The Seed Fund grants $5,000 to expand services and grow this new and already impactful small business in Tucson.

Congratulations to our Seed Fund winners!


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