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EstradaorNada Motors Evolves into a Locally-Owned Car Dealership

Owned by brothers Daniel and David Estrada, EstradaorNada Motors is achieving new heights with flexible funding from AVANZA.

Brothers David and Daniel Estrada grew up witnessing their father's passion for buying, restoring, and selling cars. They not only acquired mechanical skills from him but also imbibed the values of providing an honest and no-pressure customer experience.

Based on these principles, they ventured into launching Estradaornada Motors in 2020 — a full-service wholesale car dealership. The success of EstradaorNada Motors is largely attributed to Daniel's commitment to vehicle research and sourcing.

Recognizing the potential for growth, the natural progression was increasing profitability by providing higher quality inventory to the local economy and developing a plan to transition operations from a family property to a commercial building.

With the flexible funding extended by AVANZA, Daniel envisions moving into a commercial space, expanding his fleet of vehicles for restoration and sale, and bolstering Estradaornada Motors' parts inventory. The road ahead shines brightly for Estradaornada Motors, Tucson's locally owned car dealership.

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