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Empanadas El Dominicano Brings a Burst of Caribbean Flavor in Every Bite

Stuffed with vibrant flavors and seasonings from the Dominican Republic, these empanadas are unlike anything you've tried before.

Meet Wander Pérez, the visionary, owner, and head chef behind Empanadas El Dominicano.

Whether it is rain or shine, Wander greets his customers with a big smile as he shares a taste of home with Tucson locals. Although Tucsonans are no stranger to a classic empanada, Wander's take on the meal packs a special seasoning that sets these apart from the rest: these empanadas are seasoned with flavors straight from the Dominican Republic. Foodies and empanada-lovers alike can enjoy Wander's empanadas stuffed with ham and cheese, chorizo and cheese, ground beef, chicken, and green chile with cheese. Not in the mood for empanadas? No problem! Empanadas el Dominicano offers a variety of creamy, tropical smoothies, pork chops and plantains, fried salami with rice, and more. With the help of our mirco-loan program, Semillas, Wander will continue to bring smiles to Tucson, spreading the love and taste of the Dominican Republic across the Sonoran Desert. Learn more about Empanadas El Dominicano's Semillas journey here:


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