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Delgado's Food Service Delivering Locally-Sourced Exotic Produce

Small business owner Adan Delgado will be upgrading to a refrigerated delivery van to travel to larger markets with the help of the AVANZA Empowerment Fund.

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Adan Delgado is no stranger to the exciting venture of growing a small business. As the son of a small business owner, Adan was inspired to launch Delgado's Catering LLC in 2011 to deliver commercial food services to schools in the Tucson Unified School District. After years of supplying over a thousand meals per day to students, Adan launched Delgado's Food Service as a supplier of exotic fruits and vegetables to upscale restaurants and hotels.

Locally sourced from the Sonoran Desert, Delgado's Food Service offers all sorts of produce: from tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes, to blue bananas, white asparagus, and pink pineapple— not your average batch of fruit or veggies, eh? If you don't happen to work at a James Beard-nominated restaurant, you can still enjoy the fascinating fruits of Delgado's labor as a typical customer buying for your household. With the help of AVANZA, Adan will expand his business with an upgraded refrigerated delivery van that will travel around Southern Arizona and the Sonoran Desert, putting Delgado's Food Service on the map for new commercial clients. Connect with Delgado's Food Service Here: 


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