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CREATE Content with a Purpose Groundswell Capital Changemakers Award Bestowed to Spotlight Small Business Stories

These talented filmmakers and creators have demonstrated the power of storytelling and will develop a video of their chosen small business, encouraging the community to visit and patron our local businesses.

Tucson, AZ — Remember Saturday morning cartoons and enjoying the commercials just as much as the show you were watching? As the ways we watch media have changed over the years, so has the method in which businesses reach people. Gone are the jingles. Social media has become the new frontier, blending storytelling with advertising in innovative ways. Local businesses and content creators come together on social media platforms to share stories that resonate with our community and encourage all of us to taste their food, put their art on our walls, and book their services.

We are excited to introduce and celebrate the 'CREATE Content with a Purpose' grant awardees. These talented filmmakers and creators have demonstrated the power of storytelling in their work and in their project submission. Each of them has selected local small business to spotlight and we look forward to seeing the results.

Here are our CREATE Content with a Purposes Awardees:

Regal Fierce Media and 4 Da Hood: Regal Fierce Media has created brilliant content for local organizations throughout Southern Arizona. They will feature 4 Da Hood, a storytelling and coaching business here in Tucson offering ‘The Ascending Leaders in Color’ program to connect and uplift Tucson’s leaders of colors. We are excited to see what comes from this powerful collaboration. 

Delta Productions and Mariana de la Vega: Delta Productions supports local businesses with bold photography and video content. With this grant, they will create a mini-documentary on local artist Mariana de la Vega’s gallery and studio. Beyond enriching the community with art, Mariana offers bi-lingual expressive arts workshops to adults and children in our community.

Edna Peralta and Luna y Sol Cafe: Edna Peralta is a Multicultural Marketing professional who has created content for several businesses in the Sonoran desert. She chose a startup business as her featured subject. Luna y Sol Cafe opens this year as the first locally owned coffee shop in South Tucson. A family business through and through, we will get to see the journey of the Barajas family as they create a unique cafecito experience on the Southside.

Frank Powers and Silver Sea Jewelry: Frank Powers is a multimedia artist with a heart for business and community. Frank is working with Silver Sea Jewelry, a legacy fourth avenue business with over 30 years in operation. His unique content project proposal includes highlighting Silver Sea Jewelry’s owner, Lizzie, as a silent superhero who runs a business and gives back to the community.

Touch the Earth TV and DRY Co-Op: Touch the Earth TV is a full service marketing and production house for sustainability focused brands. After working with Biosphere 2 and FarmDrop, Touch the Earth has selected to work with Dry Co-op, an cooperative made up of a wide intersection of individuals and entities focused on food sovereignty, mutuality and service within our regional community of the Sonoran desert, city and country. Congratulations to our award winners!


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