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Cormax Rigging Transitions from Home Garage to Industrial Storefront Space

Sandra and Elizandro Cornejo are creating a lasting family legacy one step at a time. With the help of AVANZA, Sandra and Eli are expanding their business into a professional space.

Sandra and Elizandro Cornejo founded Cormax Rigging Supply in 2018, aiming to create a lasting family legacy in the rigging industry — an arena they possessed years of expertise in.

Rapidly evolving into a recognized government contractor, Cormax Rigging not only transitioned from a supplier to a manufacturer but also accomplished these milestones remarkably, all from their home garage in Tucson.

Undoubtedly, Cormax Rigging is poised for expansion. With the support of AVANZA's flexible funding, the Cornejos have transitioned from their garage to an industrial storefront space, equipped with new machinery and ample inventory.

Having solidified itself as an industry leader, Cormax Rigging sees the Cornejos actively participating in conferences, representing the power of small businesses in Tucson. Connect with Cormax Rigging Here:


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