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Tucson Changemakers Grant Program Applauses Good Energy Grant Recipients

These six Tucson small businesses are embracing sustainability with innovative solutions for our beloved Old Pueblo and across Southern Arizona.

Tucson, AZ The City of Tucson has a Climate Action Plan to ensure a resilient Tucson and Groundswell Capital is Arizona’s First Green Bank. In the words of that viral TikTok trend, of course we offer a grant for businesses who are not only thriving, but striving to support a sustainable Tucson with green business initiatives.

Here are Groundswell Capital's six Good Energy Grant award recipients:

Barrio Restoration: Barrio Restoration is dedicated to transforming Southside Tucson's with landscaping and traditional earthwork, fostering a clean, safe space that inspires community ownership and cultural reinvestment. While a single gas-powered mower can emit as much pollution in one hour as driving a car for 45 miles, Barrio Restoration will be reducing greenhouse gas emissions by going electric with the Good Energy Grant. They will arrive on an electric tricycle and deliver services with electric landscaping tools.

D&D Accounting: D&D Accounting has been bilingual services in Tucson for decades. Proprietor Lupita has owned the Stone Avenue building her business operates out of since 1973 and she is ready to go Solar. The Good Energy Grant will enable D&D Accounting to do roof repairs to install solar panels, significantly reducing energy costs and potentially saving this business $180,000 over the next 25 years.

Estradaornada Motors: Estradaornada Motors transforms car buying into a joyful journey. Not limited to their inventory, they specialize in locating dream cars for their customers. This unique service entails considerable travel. With the Good Energy Grant, Estradaornada Motors will enhance its sustainable practices by purchasing a hybrid car and conducting travel business within this emission-reducing vehicle.

Originate Natural Building Materials: Originate Natural Building Materials’ showroom offers natural, non-toxic building materials including countertops, flooring, and more, providing sustainable alternatives to traditional interior finishes. This business is one step away from becoming a Net Zero energy user and the Good Energy Grant funds that final step- in a couple of months, Originate will be fully solar-powered, offsetting over 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. 

Savage Mechanical Design: Savage Mechanical Design is an engineering consulting firm specializing in low-water agriculture tech for arid regions. They are currently developing a green, efficient steam sterilizer for produce farms. This machine will cut a farm’s energy costs by 50% and reduce CO2 emissions by 92,000 lbs annually. With the Good Energy Grant, Savage Mechanical Design will have the funds required to bring this design to life right here in Tucson.

Tuller Trophy & Awards: Welcome to one of our Legacy businesses! Tuller Trophies creates custom trophies and plaques for the community, and next year they celebrate their 70th year in business here in their historic building in Tucson. Tuller Trophy and Awards future is bright, which has a double meaning here. They are working with an electrician to reduce electricity and with this grant they will move completely away from fluorescent lights and have 100% LED lighting.


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