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Tacos de la H is Serving it up with Semillas

Jose Arturo Salas shares a quesabirria with us while he explains his vision to expand his small business, Tacos de la H.

Quesabirria, Birrionda, Chilabox, and more: Tacos de la H is the only place you can find these hidden gems in Tucson, including prepared tacos de seso and ojo (brains and eyes of the cow)! The food truck of this husband-and-wife duo authentically highlights Sonoran ranch-style cuisine, capturing the voice and taste of Northern Mexico. Tacos de la H have been so successful with their food truck, they are looking to buy a larger one. With the help of Semillas, Juan and his wife will offer updated hours of operation and expand their small business to more local customers in Tucson. Learn more about Tacos de la H here:


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