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Keep Tucson Amable Grants Rewarded to Local Community Small Businesses

The Keep Tucson Amable Grant Fund recognizes and supports these businesses with awards of up to $5,000.

Tucson, AZ Statistics show that small businesses fuel our local economy, create jobs, and ensure access to goods and services. These are the businesses that are the heart of our community, often going above and beyond the call of commerce to serve citizens sight unseen. From commissioning art on their buildings for all to enjoy to funding uniforms for a local youth soccer team, Tucson small businesses are the first in line to donate, sponsor, and enrich our city.

The Keep Tucson Amable award recognizes businesses with a track record of community service and further funds plans to continue their efforts.

Keep Tucson Amable Grant Awardees:

Anita Street Market: Anita’s homemade tortillas, burros, chorizo and gorditas are world-famous. Located in the heart of Barrio Anita, Anita’s Street Market has been serving Tucson since the mid-20th century. Through good times and challenging seasons, Anita's has always given back to the community with everything from backpacks and school supplies for neighborhood kids to providing a safe space to trick or treat. With this award, Anita's Street Market will continue these efforts with Summer, Back to School, and Christmas community events.

Anita St. Market, Breakfast Burrito

Galería Mitotera: The John Valenzuela Youth Center writes in their letter of support, “I firmly believe that small businesses like Galería Mitotera are the backbone of our community, and their contributions are vital to its growth and prosperity. Their business sets a shining example of how passion, dedication, and a strong sense of community can create meaningful change.”  With this award, Galería Mitotera will launch the Creative Resilience: Empowering Artists, Inspiring Community project, aiming to create a safe space for artists and bring the community together to celebrate.

Galería Mitotera, Mel and Melissa Dominguez

Sol Grant Partners: Sol Grant Partners is an innovative business specializing in supporting organizations led by People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. With this grant, they will post an open call to our local non-profits, and offer coaching and grant writing services free of charge to four selected organizations.

Sol Grant Partners Team

Congratulations to our award winners!


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