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Groundswell Capital, City of Tucson, and Tucson IDA Hosts Community Water Conservation Forum

In celebration of Infrastructure Week and following the recent announcement of Groundswell Capital's grant award to create an Equitable Water Infrastructure program, Groundswell Capital, The Tucson IDA, and the City of Tucson invites the public to "Water in the Desert", a community water conservation forum.

In the heart of the desert, water conservation is a critical concern for us all. Facing a prolonged megadrought, Arizona must act decisively. Tucson is at the forefront, spearheading efforts with numerous existing initiatives and the exciting potential to implement new ones, thanks to the recent Equitable Water Infrastructure award.

Join us for this important session to:

  • Learn about the pioneering programs that have established Tucson as a leader in water conservation across Arizona

  • Hear from key stakeholders and thought leaders in water conservation

  • Use your voice to suggest ideas for programs and initiatives you would like to see implemented in our community as we plan the allocation of these Equitable Water funds

As we celebrate Infrastructure Week here in Tucson, we look to our community members to share and learn together. Snacks and drinks will be served.

Onsite parking is available, if parking lot is full, TCC parking garage is a 5-minute walk. Register Here:


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