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Groundswell Capital and Mayor Regina Romero Announce $500,000 in Grant Funding for Small Businesses

Arizona's first Green Bank, Groundswell Capital, and the City of Tucson are collaborating to launch half a million dollars in grant funding for Tucson small businesses.

Tucson, AZ - Groundswell Capital, Arizona’s first green bank, is set to launch the Transform Tucson: Changemakers Grant Program in January 2024. This initiative represents a $500,000 investment in Tucson's small business community, forged in collaboration with the City of Tucson.

The Transform Tucson: Changemakers Grant Program will supply the capital needed for small businesses to transition to clean energy, launch startups, provide employees with workforce development opportunities, and celebrate the social impact and community significance of our small business community.

Transform Tucson: Changemakers Grant Program Grant Opportunities:

  • Good Energy Grant Fund: Tucson small businesses can thrive sustainably with the Good Energy Grant Fund, offering awards up to $10,000. Embrace clean energy to cut costs and boost business performance with green initiatives from solar panels to Energy Star-Certified Equipment. Elevate your operations, attract eco-conscious customers, and join a community committed to a sustainable future.

  • Upskilling Tucson Fund: With this grant, Tucson businesses can apply for up to $10,000 to invest in employees. Workforce development empowers individuals, businesses, and communities for success. Upskilling, from training sessions to certification programs, ensures both the small business and its team thrive.

  • Keep Tucson Amable: Small businesses are the heart of our community, often going above and beyond the call of commerce to serve citizens sight unseen. The Keep Tucson Amable Grant Fund recognizes and supports these businesses with awards of up to $5,000. Whether through products, goods, or services, this fund is designed to help our small businesses keep Tucson amable (friendly, kind) with programs that make an exceptional social impact.

  • Groundswell Seed Fund: Starting a business requires ingenuity, grit, and heart – and a bit of seed money. For aspiring entrepreneurs in Tucson, the Groundswell Seed Fund stands ready to provide up to $5,000 in grant support, nurturing innovation and fostering the growth of new ventures.

  • Groundswell Growth Fund: Starting and sustaining a successful small business is no small feat. For those poised to scale their enterprise, the Groundswell Growth Fund presents opportunities with awards of up to $10,000. This grant funding is versatile and applicable for equipment, technology, expansion, or any other means necessary to foster business growth and good jobs in Tucson.

  • [CREATE] Content With A Purpose: Content Creators are often both entrepreneurs and small business champions, guiding digital consumers to discover local businesses. This grant offers up to $2,000 for local filmmakers, content creators, and social media experts to craft a short documentary-style video highlighting a local business. The final product, tailored for digital platforms, will share the authentic story of a small business in Tucson, elevating the business through the lens of creativity.

Those interested in pursuing an opportunity within the Transform Tucson: Changemakers Grant Program are encouraged to visit to fill out the information form. Those who complete this interest form will be the first to receive eligibility information and notification when applications are open in January.

For more media information on the Transform Tucson: Changemakers Grant Program, visit or email


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