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Di Luna Candles Blossoms with AVANZA

With a steadfast growth mindset and building a journey set for success, Maria Cortes shines her light all around Tucson with Di Luna Candles alongside AVANZA's support.

In search of a way to manage pandemic stress, Maria Cortes discovered the art of candle making. What began as a therapeutic hobby soon blossomed into a beautiful business, Di Luna Candles.

In June 2023, Cortes opened a storefront location featuring her line of 100% soy candles alongside a curated collection of gift items. Demonstrating her commitment to the community, every Saturday, she welcomes local makers and entrepreneurs to join a weekly vendor market in her space.

However, just weeks after its opening, Di Luna faced an unfortunate challenge in the form of a break-in, resulting in both lost time and inventory. The newly installed security system drained Cortes of her emergency business fund.

At a pivotal intersection of capital and growth, Maria discovered flexible funding through AVANZA. This support enabled her to purchase inventory and cover labor costs, ensuring a robust holiday season and an enduring presence in the Tucson small business community.

Connect with Di Luna Candles here:


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