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Cafe Passe Admitted into AVANZA Hall of Fame

A warm welcome is in store for Jenny Rice as she embarks on this new journey to success for her iconic small business, Cafe Passe.

Jenny Rice, a respected contributor to Tucson's hospitality scene for over two decades, is not just a business owner – she's a steward of community and sustainable design. In 2016, she invested in Cafe Passe, a cherished Fourth Avenue eatery.

More than a mere dining spot, Cafe Passe, hailed by #ThisIsTucson as "quintessentially Tucson," serves as a community hub for students, musicians, and artists.

Navigating the challenges imposed by the pandemic, Cafe Passe faced additional hurdles during a significant remodel. Despite the strain, Jenny's commitment and the backing of Tucson's restaurant community, coupled with an exceptional menu and craft bar program, saw Cafe Passe reopen its doors.

The AVANZA Empowerment Fund has played a pivotal role, enabling Jenny to insure new equipment, bring her patio vision to fruition, and cover the initial month's inventory expenses. With flexible funding, Cafe Passe is able to not only weather challenges but emerge stronger than ever. You can enjoy a warm meal, a lovely chai latte, and more at Cafe Passe located at 415 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705.


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