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Galería Mitotera Planning to Expand Workshop Space with AVANZA

Mel and Melissa Dominguez are in the works for their latest project yet a new workshop space to host inclusive community events, art workshops, and and artist mentorship program.

Galería Mitotera, a Chicanx/Queer-owned gallery nestled in the heart of South Tucson, Arizona, stands as a testament to the vision of its co-owners, Mel Dominguez and Melissa Brown-Dominguez. Galería Mitotera is a sacred space designed to honor their culture, elevate artists, and forge a haven for community members and artists alike, fostering inspiration through art and unity.

As the years have unfolded, Galería Mitotera's influence has scaled, prompting the need for a more expansive space. 

Harnessing flexible funding opportunities from Groundswell Capital, Mel and Melissa plan to purchase a nearby building, five times the size of their current space. 

Beyond being a gallery, the fresh expanse of Galería Mitotera will transform into a dynamic space — hosting inclusive community events, art workshops, and an artist mentorship program. It aspires to be a nurturing ground for the makers and artists of Tucson, intertwining creativity and connection.

Connect with Galería Mitotera here:


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