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Small business grants to jumpstart, upskill, grow, and green your Tucson-based small business.

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Read below for eligibility, rules, and application information.

Subvenciones para pequeñas empresas para impulsar, mejorar, hacer crecer y ecologizar su pequeña empresa con sede en Tucson.

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Lea a continuación para conocer la elegibilidad, las reglas y la información sobre la solicitud.

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Applications Now Closed

Jan 1, 2024 - Feb 11th, 2024

Small business grants to jumpstart, upskill, grow, and green your Tucson-based small business.

Register to receive a notification when grants are live.
Read below for eligibility, rules, and application information.

  • Good Energy Grant Fund
    Tucson small businesses can thrive sustainably with the Good Energy Grant Fund, offering awards up to $10,000. Embrace clean energy to cut costs and boost business performance with green initiatives from solar panels to Energy Star-Certified Equipment. Elevate your operations, attract eco-conscious customers, and join a community committed to a sustainable future.
  • Upskilling Tucson Fund
    With this grant, Tucson businesses can apply for up to $10,000 to invest in employees. Workforce development empowers individuals, businesses, and communities for success. Upskilling, from training sessions to certification programs, ensures both the small business and its team thrive.
  • Groundswell Growth Fund
    Starting and sustaining a successful small business is no small feat. For those poised to scale their enterprise, the Groundswell Growth Fund presents opportunities with awards of up to $10,000. This grant funding is versatile, applicable for equipment, technology, expansion, or any other means necessary to foster business growth and good jobs in Tucson.
  • Groundswell Seed Fund
    Starting a business requires ingenuity, grit, and heart – and a bit of seed money. For aspiring entrepreneurs in Tucson, the Groundswell Seed Fund stands ready to provide up to $5,000 in grant support, nurturing innovation and fostering the growth of new ventures.
  • Keep Tucson Amable
    Small businesses are the heart of our community, often going above and beyond the call of commerce to serve citizens sight unseen. The Keep Tucson Amable Grant Fund recognizes and supports these businesses with awards of up to $5,000. Whether through products, goods, or services, this fund is designed to help our small businesses keep Tucson amable (friendly, kind) with programs that make an exceptional social impact.
  • (Create) Content with a Purpose
    Content Creators are often both entrepreneurs and small business champions, guiding digital consumers to discover local businesses. This grant offers up to $2,000 for local filmmakers, content creators, and social media experts to craft a short documentary-style video highlighting a local business. The final product, tailored for digital platforms, will share the authentic story of a small business in Tucson, elevating the business through the lens of creativity.
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¡Estamos aquí para ayudar!

In order to support small businesses through the application process we will be hosting both in-person and virtual info sessions and open office hours throughout the month of January.


Se habla español! 

Business Meeting



El programa de beca Changemakers brinda apoyo directo a pequeñas empresas con sede en Tucson para respaldar el crecimiento económico de nuestra comunidad empresarial y de pequeñas empresas. Estos fondos son parte de la Ley del Plan de Rescate Estadounidense de 2021 (ARPA) y están siendo administrados por la organización financiera sin fines de lucro Groundswell Capital y la ciudad de Tucson.


El objetivo del programa es apoyar una variedad de resultados económicos directos e indirectos tales como: 


Beneficios Económicos Directos:

  • Aumento de los ingresos comerciales

  • Disminución de los gastos de las empresas.

  • Desarrollo y mejora de las capacidades de la fuerza laboral

  • Crecimiento y retención de empleos de alta calidad.


Beneficios Económicos Indirectos: 

  • Apoyo a la transición a energías limpias para pequeñas empresas (reducción de la exposición a la contaminación in situ, reducción de emisiones, etc.)

  • Mayor conciencia comunitaria y apoyo a las pequeñas empresas locales.

  • Mayor concientización y uso entre las pequeñas empresas de los numerosos recursos comunitarios gratuitos disponibles para las empresas en Tucson.


Application Information

The application window is January 1, 2024 - Feb 11th, 2024. The application includes the following components. 

Info Survey

An overview profile about your company and your business needs.

Brief Narrative

Una sección escrita (2-6 páginas) que cubra:

  1. Su proyecto y cómo logra el objetivo de la subvención.

  2. Cómo piensa utilizar los fondos.

  3. El impacto previsto de la financiación en su negocio.

Se aceptan narrativas en español e inglés.


We will provide you with a budget template where you will list how how you will use the funds specifically.


Each grant will allow the appendix for additional supporting materials.


In order to be eligible to submit for any of the Changemaker Grants (apart from the [CREATE] Content for Good Grant) you must: 

  • Be a for-profit business based within the City of Tucson (including the City of South Tucson)

  • Have 50 or fewer employees

  • Be registered to do business in the State of Arizona unless the business is a sole proprietorship (or will be registered prior to disbursement of funds)

  •  Be registered as a DBA if the sole proprietorship does business under a name other than the owner’s

  • Be independently owned and operated and not be dominant in its field of operation

  • Not be facing any pending litigation or legal action

  • Not have any business owners, including all managing members and/or officers, who have been convicted of financial crimes within the past three years

  • Not have received alternate federal, state, or local grant funding to cover the same costs and/or uses included in this application

  • Not be suspended or debarred from the use of federal funds

  • Not be a franchise, unless the franchise is not a subsidiary of a larger corporation


Please note that specific grants may also have additional eligibility requirements (ex. years in business) that must also be observed. 

Rules & Guidelines

  • No company may receive more than $10,000 in total funding, though you may choose to apply to multiple grants. 

  • Funding cannot be used for ineligible uses (listed in a section below) 

  • Your business must be based in the City of Tucson (including the City of South Tucson)


If your company is selected, you will be required to adhere to the following: 

  • Submit a copy of IRS Form Tax Form W 9, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year reporting 

  • Submit an IRS EIN #, ITIN #, or SS #

  • Provide a business bank account for fund disbursements. Funding cannot be disbursed to a personal bank account.

  • Grantees will be required to provide verification that funds were received once the funds have been disbursed, for our reporting purposes. 

  • Grantees must agree to complete all surveys and date forms associated with the reporting for this funding. 

  • Each finalist may be required to attend an in-person final interview prior to award disbursement as well as an in-person grant kick-off session. 

Uso no elegible de fondos

  • Costs incurred prior to grant window

  • Payment of non-business expenses (e.g., personal credit cards, family car, home repairs)

  • Direct financing to political activities

  •  Religious activities, such as worship, religious instruction, or proselytization and/or those that promote or inhibit religious interest

  • Costs previously covered by alternate federal, state, or local grant funding

  • Payment of fines or federal or state taxes

  • Purchase of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol

  • Entertainment

  • Bonuses

  • Non-business travel

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